AudioSeed redefined my thinking about maxing out serum completely. every single preset is perfected to the very last bit and just as inspiring.

Really innovative stuff that helps with forward thinking in your production. The sound design is massive, and just with a few tweaks, you can make it even more unique. I highly recommend this pack to anyone who wants to get into producing forward thinking music. – Poetic Vol. 1

Really Impressed ! A real wide range of sound design techniques in there and probably the best use of the macros I’ve seen too. Definitely an inspiring pack ! – LUNATIC Vol.1

AudioSeed is a sick new brand of presets! We have been using it in our new songs and it’s definitively a ready to go inspiration kickstarter. Grab the packs now to get the sounds of today – totally tweakable with easy to use macros. – LUNATIC Vol.1

This pack is on supa hot fire! Every single preset is worth playing with! Awesome job! – LUNATIC Vol.1

Damn. best preset pack i have heard yet.
thank u so much for these! – LUNATIC Vol.1